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Bridgeport Milling Machines & Bridgeport Lathes

If you're looking for a used lathe machine for sale in Pennsylvania, R.R.I.C. Associates has you covered.

We pride ourselves on offering you the best used CNC machinery — that's why we proudly sell Bridgeport CNC lathes and turning machines. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality machining products at the best price so that you can deliver top-of-the-line work to your clients.

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Bridgeport CNC Mill Machines: Quality Milling Machines

For the past 80 years, the Bridgeport name has been synonymous with high-precision turning machines.

Founded in 1938 in Bridgeport, Connecticut by Swedish-born Rudolph Bannow, Bridgeport Machines Inc. was originally known as Bridgeport Pattern and Model Works. It was here that Bannow worked his way up to foreman, and eventually bought the company with a partner.

While on a delivery, Bannow sketched the idea for a turret milling machine on a paper bag in his truck, and two years later, Bridgeport began shipping turret milling machines around the country — and earning a reputation as a leader in the machine tool industry.

When Hardinge Inc. acquired Bridgeport 2002, they kept the Bridgeport name — because when it comes to high-performance lathes and turning machines, it's hard to beat a Bridgeport.

Due to their incredible durability, precision and versatility, Bridgeport lathes can be found in a multitude of industries today, including aerospace, automotive, electronics fabrication and sporting goods. Their ability to precisely shear away almost any material is invaluable to shops working with metal, wood and even glass.

Bridgeport has created a variety of machines to cover all your machining needs. Contact us or view our inventory to see what we have available.

  • The Bridgeport V Series offers rapid traverses on X, Y and Z-axes to meet the needs of the metal-cutting market.
  • The Bridgeport GX-Series provides exceptional stacking, saving you floor and operator interface space while providing powerful horsepower and spindle torque.
  • The Bridgeport Vertical Pallet Changer gives you accuracy and speed in all applications.
  • The Bridgeport 5-Axis Models provide digitally precise cutting solutions with high-end features, including a coupled spindle and oil chiller.

Bridgport Milling Machines for Sale From R.R.I.C Associates

At R.R.I.C. Associates, nothing makes us prouder than helping our customers succeed. Our staff has a combined 35 years of professional manufacturing experience spanning multiple areas, so we know what it takes to be successful in this competitive environment.

That's why we take our commitment your satisfaction so seriously during each step of the buying process. From initial consultation, to developing innovative ways to improve tool life, decrease machine downtime and increase productivity, we are dedicated to adding value to your shop and business.

This focus has not only earned us a large number of wonderful and loyal customers, but also a reputation as the best CNC lathe dealer in Pennsylvania and one of the leading CNC machine dealers throughout the nation.

Use the link below to browse our Bridgeport CNC lathe inventory, and let us help you discover why so many turn to R.R.I.C. Associates for their professional machining needs. Contact us today!

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