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Buy & Sell Used CNC Machines in Harrisburg, PA

R.R.I.C. Associates, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you. R.R.I.C. is family owned and operated. For the past 18 years our warehouse has been located on the outskirts of Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg, in the small town of Mechanicsburg. In addition to our reputation as the best CNC lathe dealer in PA, we are also widely regarded as one of the leading CNC machine dealers across the USA and abroad.

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We Bring More Than Three Decades of Manufacturing Industry Experience

The owner and staff at R.R.I.C. has been in the manufacturing industry for more than 35 years, with multiple areas of expertise including manufacturing, general machining, quality control, set-up and turnkey operations (single and multi-spindle machines), grinding, consulting and rebuilding. In addition to our own inventory, we have many customers who contact us to handle their surplus equipment sales.


An Extensive Inventory of Top-Quality Used Manufacturing Equipment

We deal with single and multi-spindle machines, horizontal/vertical milling and turning equipment, transfer machines, Swiss, grinding, secondary-op equipment, along with replacement parts, tooling and attachments. As one of the top used CNC machine dealers, we also feature an extensive selection of CNC lathes, CNC Swiss, and much more. If you're looked for a used cnc lathe, be sure to check out our current inventory.


CNC Machinery Dealers with Plenty of Firsthand Experience

Because of the wide range of expertise within our group, we have an excellent team of professionals that work well together and draw on each other's knowledge to achieve excellent results for our customers. Because our associates have worked in a production shop environment, and have experienced firsthand the problems that arise during the production process, they are better equipped to talk with our customers regarding their manufacturing process. Not many CNC machinery dealers can provide you with this high level of expertise that can make the purchasing process easier for you.


A Level of Customer Satisfaction Other CNC Machine Dealers Cannot Match

We take great pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the type and caliber of service that we would expect if we were on the receiving end of a business transaction. We are constantly striving to develop methods to improve tool life, decrease machine downtime, and increase productivity. Our ability to continuously offer competitive pricing, along with providing a menu of value-added services such as consulting and world-class customer support, has helped us build a large number of loyal customers over the years. It's also why we've remained one of the top used CNC machine dealers, even during challenging economic conditions.


Discover Why R.R.I.C Is the Best CNC Lathe Dealer in PA, and Anywhere Else!

We cordially invite you to check out our extensive used manufacturing equipment inventory, and to further explore the many reasons why R.R.I.C. is the best CNC machine dealer for your needs. We look forward to working with you on any projects where our experience could be utilized to reach your production goals.

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