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Buffoli Rotary Transfer Machines

As a leading supplier of rotary transfer machines, Harrisburg, PA's R.R.I.C. Associates frequently carries Buffoli equipment in its used inventory. We have a more than 35-year history of matching clients with the right tools for the job - at a price that works for their budget. Whether you are replacing an aging rotary transfer machine or expanding your working capabilities, we can help. Browse our inventory or contact our office directly for assistance.


Buffoli Rotary Transfer Machines Stand Apart

The Buffoli company has been manufacturing advanced rotary transfer machines and other equipment since 1958. They are known for our versatile products that can do the work of several conventional machines, offering drilling, lathing, milling and threading in a single convenient package. As a result, an investment in a Buffoli rotary transfer machine is one that will deliver a strong return for years to come.

Key benefits of choosing a Buffoli machine include:

  • Flexible performance, with the ability to program complex processes working in 2, 3, 4 or 5 directions.
  • Enhanced productivity, with outputs as high as 10,000 parts/hour.
  • Rapid changeover times that keep your operation working at full capacity for longer.
  • User-friendly operation and easy maintenance requirements.

Buffoli rotary transfer machines can be used to manufacture parts for a wide range of industries, from oil and gas to automotive and consumer goods. To discuss the details of your application and to find out whether or not a Buffoli rotary transfer machine is the right choice for you, contact the machining consultants at Pennsylvania's R.R.I.C. Associates today.


Your Partner for Smart Purchase Decisions

When you buy a used rotary transfer machine from R.R.I.C. Associates, you are working with a company that is committed to delivering world-class support both before and after you make your purchase. We can provide consulting services that helps you assess your needs and identify the best machine for your budget. We can also arrange delivery of your purchase to anywhere in the country, and we can provide both installation assistance and long-term maintenance that keeps your machine running its best for years to come.

In short, our goal is to provide complete turnkey service for anyone in need of a rotary transfer machine in Harrisburg, PA and beyond. Follow the links on this page to download detailed specs for our current selection of Buffoli rotary transfer machines. Can't find what you're looking for? We may be able to source it or suggest an alternative. Contact our office for assistance.

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