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When you're looking to buy machinery, R.R.I.C. is ready to help! We work directly with our customers to ensure that they receive the best machinery for their specific needs such as CNC machinery, milling and turning machinery, transfer machinery, multi-spindle machinery, and more.

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Buy Used CNC Machines

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are integral to the manufacturing industry. They rely on computer software to generate programs that allow them to produce parts efficiently, consistently and accurately in ways that are impossible to achieve through manual processes. While CNC machines are an investment, they are worth it to help enhance your manufacturing capabilities. When you're looking to add more CNC machines to your shop, R.R.I.C. Associates is here for you.

We have several models and brands of CNC machines for sale.

The Cost Savings of Used CNC Equipment

A new CNC machine is an investment that can represent a significant financial burden for some companies. Used CNC machines, however, are budget-friendly alternatives that can be just as efficient and effective during production. This is especially true when you buy them from a reputable dealer that can provide service history and documentation. We specialize in used CNC equipment sales at R.R.I.C. Associates, so you can expect the best.

Cost savings come in a few forms when you buy used CNC equipment:

  • A lower investment upfront: The most obvious benefit of buying a used CNC machine is the lower cost upfront. It's an advantage that keeps giving — with a lower cost per machine, you can buy more to scale up operations faster. Each machine contributes to the overall productivity and performance of your facility, which can translate to more profits down the line.
  • Proven value: Value is even more important than price when you're buying used equipment. The functionality of a used machine is largely the same as a new one, meaning you're getting more value for the money you spend. Used machines can produce parts with the same level of quality and accuracy as new pieces of equipment, especially if the previous owner cared for them properly and maintained the appropriate records.
  • A leg up on depreciation: When you buy a new piece of CNC equipment, its resale value starts to depreciate as soon as you get it on-site. That depreciation has already occurred when you buy a used machine, so you can get it at a lower price without sacrificing production quality. Avoiding the initial depreciation also means you can receive a better return on your investment if you decide to sell the machine and upgrade your setup later on.

Why Buy Used CNC Machines?

Savings are just the start of reasons to buy used. If you need to expand your machine shop's capabilities, here are a few more advantages of buying a used CNC machine:

  • Availability: Some equipment purchases are planned ahead of time. When you have an immediate need, availability makes all the difference. Building and transporting new models of CNC equipment takes time, especially if you choose a machine with custom add-ons. When you opt for a used model, you can often find one that's ready to go right away.
  • Familiarity: It's likely your team will be familiar with the operation of a used model that's slightly older, so you can begin operations as soon as the equipment is set up. When you buy new CNC machinery with the latest features, you may need to account for some downtime while your team learns to use it.
  • Eco-friendliness: Using older-model CNC machines can help the environment by lowering the demand for new machine production. When a machine is maintained correctly, it offers a long life span and will serve your company well for many years.
  • Reliability and flexibility: These machines are typically reliable and kept in good condition because they are so critical to business operations. After using the machine for a while, the owners can attest to its capability, showing that it performs well and is reliable. CNC machines are also very versatile and can work with many materials to produce parts for different industries. 

Learn More About Our Used CNC Machines for Sale

At R.R.I.C. Associates, we have pre-owned CNC machines for sale to help you source quality machinery when you need it. You can trust us to help you find the machinery you need to complete all your manufacturing operations on a budget. If you're interested in buying a used CNC machine, fill out our contact form to get started.