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Setup/Turnkey Operations

Can you benefit from machinery turnkey solutions for your business? If your business makes use of CNC machinery, the answer is almost certainly yes. CNC machine setup can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially if it doesn't fit into your company's or team's area of expertise, so turnkey CNC solutions can provide great value.


What Are Turnkey Operations/Setup?

Turnkey operations are just what they sound like. You order a turnkeyed machine, and we do the rest, from finding the perfect machine for your project, layout of your part, setup of the machine and finally submitting the samples to you for approval. Once approved, all you have to worry about is setting it on your floor, connecting it to electric, and start production.

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Benefits of Turnkey Operations

You probably already have some idea what the benefits of our CNC machinery turnkey solutions can be. You don't have to worry about whether or not the machines you order will work as they are supposed to. We will make sure they do, and you will see us do it. You don't have to have a CNC engineering expert on your staff to get the machine set up and make sure it works. Since most companies don't have a CNC machine setup expert on staff, this can be critical. You also don't have to spend any additional money on training your employees to set up your CNC machines, meaning additional savings for you.


Services Offered by R.R.I.C Associates

We offer a wide range of CNC machining solutions. Our primary value is in bringing your business high-quality used CNC equipment, including single and multi-spindle machines, horizontal/vertical milling and turning equipment, Swiss CNC machines, grinding machines, CNC lathes and more. We also offer tooling, attachments and replacement parts. These are machines you can set up and start using right away.

If you are looking to sell CNC machines or related equipment, we can help you with appraisals, consignments and liquidations.

Another one of our highly valued services is our technical consulting. While you will be able to set up our CNC machines and start using them quickly, one never knows what might happen along the way, especially with rigorous, daily use. You may find you have questions about what additional machines you may need and if you currently have the right ones for the job.

Our highly knowledgeable technical consultants can help you answer all these questions. We know just about all there is to know about these machines and are ready, willing and able to help. Contact us for technical consulting at any time. Our consultants can help you with choosing machines, time studies, quality control, part recommendations and troubleshooting, in addition to our setup and turnkey services.


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So why choose R.R.I.C. Associates for your used CNC machines and turnkey/setup solutions? We are a Pennsylvania locally owned and operated dealer of manufacturing equipment and machinery with over 35 years of experience in the machine industry. Through our hard work and dedication to quality, we have built a reputation as the best source of used CNC machines in the area. We can easily provide you with a wide range of high-quality machines, including lathes, automatic screw machines, single and multi-spindle machines, and many others.

For all of this century, our warehouse has remained in Mechanicsburg, just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. People who know used CNC machines understand that R.R.I.C. Associates is the company to come to for the machine or turnkey solution you are looking for. We pride ourselves on excelling in customer satisfaction and are constantly striving for ways to go above and beyond the competition in the value we provide for our customers.

We can't wait to work with you to provide all your CNC lathe, machining equipment and turnkey/setup solutions today. We have delivered services for a wide range of industries that rely on manufacturing, including the automotive industry, aeronautics, tool manufacturing and more. We are confident we can supply your business with the machines and related services you need.

Peruse our manufacturing equipment inventory and get in touch whenever you are ready to place an order or with any questions you may have. We'd love to have you join the R.R.I.C. Associates family. Contact us today!

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