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Vertical Machining Centers for Sale

Milling is one of the most common processes in machining custom parts, particularly in the metalworking industry. Although you can mill parts with different tools, computer numerical control (CNC) equipment revolutionized the process in the 1960s, increasing production, enhancing energy efficiencies and ensuring higher safety levels. Vertical machining centers (VMCs) have emerged as one of the most productive CNC systems available, offering multiple milling functions like boring, drilling and threading.

At R.R.I.C. Associates, we supply various makes and models of CNC machinery, including some of the most popular brands of VMCs. Our superior knowledge and experience with CNC equipment set us apart from the competition. Our expert team can assist you in optimizing your operation by helping you choose the most effective machinery solutions for your specific applications.

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What Are Vertical Machining Centers?

Vertical machining centers are multifunctional machines that use a vertical-angle spindle and various tools in their automatic changers to perform a broad range of tasks. These machines can vary based on size, the number of axes, specific function and spindle designs.

With a vertical spindle, tools protrude straight down from the holder and operate across the top of the material. This orientation improves material removal rates, decreases manual maneuvering and eliminates unnecessary interruptions to production. The different axis positions allow the machine to approach the workpiece from various angles to make the most precise cuts.

Some of the most common VMCs use three axes, while more complex models can use up to seven axes to perform more intricate milling and eliminate the need for multiprocess machining.

Various manufacturers worldwide build VMCs with varying designs, as many brands focus on specific types of machining, from light finishing to heavy-duty material removal. Some manufacturers use proprietary CNC controls for their VMCs, while others use industry-standard component systems. R.R.I.C. Associates deals with various VMCs from many different brands.


Vertical Machining Center Applications and Benefits

Once CNC technology went mainstream, machining centers were popular across many industries because of their superior accuracy and efficiency. Machining centers became the industry standard as the technology improved and the number of axis options increased. These abilities allowed CNC equipment to become the machinery of choice for the automotive, hardware, power generation and home appliance industries.

Some of the primary advantages of using VMCs for milling and manufacturing applications over conventional methods include:

  • Accuracy: CNC technology allows these machines to produce the highest tolerances and meet strict manufacturing specifications.
  • Versatility: VMCs can produce different parts for limitless applications, large or small.
  • Efficiency: CNC equipment offers easy setup and automated manufacturing, achieving the highest production levels without sacrificing quality. Operators spend less time programming and setting up because of the simple CNC controls.
  • Uniformity: One of the primary reasons VMCs became so popular in high-scale manufacturing is their ability to mass-produce parts with consistency and uniformity without variation. 

When shopping for VMCs, it's critical to remember that many require CNC training and operate for specific applications. Our vast used equipment network across the globe gives us access to almost any make or model. If you don't see what you're looking for in our inventory, give us a call, and we'll most likely locate it for you.


Used Vertical CNC Machining Centers for Sale at R.R.I.C. Associates

Our knowledge of manufacturing, quality control and general machining has made us one of the most reputable CNC machine dealers across the country and abroad. We aim to supply you with VMCs and other CNC equipment at the most cost-effective prices backed by the highest customer service levels. Call us at 800-774-2462 or contact us online today to learn more.

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